Hillary and Trump elections 2016, and “Politics is Dirty,” by Gabriel C Banda

Hillary and Trump elections 2016,

and “Politics is Dirty,”

by Gabriel C Banda

THE recent debates and contest involving Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump around the United States elections of November 2016 remind us about many aspects of human relations and life itself. The third and last debate is about to take place.

In the second debate, it was clear that Hillary Clinton had managed to achieve control over self and over Donald Trump where Trump had disturbed Republican contestants in the primary. Many times some Republican candidates have been very tough on others, especially Democrats.

Donald Trump tried to disturb Hillary by tactics that includes standing near her, to disturb her eye view and concentration. Hillary was stable and raised issues. She has been very thoughtful and organised.

Although one may differ with her on some issues like aspects of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and fixation on Putin and Russia, where I believe she has made some errors or needs to clarify more, essentially Hillary has come off as a good meaning person that is sometimes imperfect.

Many persons outside the United States have been worried about what a Trump presidency would imply for not only USA, but for the whole world. It can have implications for human relations worldwide.  He divides the world and humanity. It can have implications for the integrity and stability of Life and Creation itself.

Trump has been simplistic and illogical in some of his arguments. And in word and manner, Donald Trump has been rude and crude. He has behaved in ways many in the world do not expect a president – who is expected to be dignified, mature, and responsible – to behave.

Trump is proud, and defensive, of what some may consider weakness. At some point, but almost in passing, Hillary Clinton talked of the “Trump effect,” Trump factors,” where some persons may begin to follow Donald Trump’s behaviour. This happens often because many persons are in behaviour influenced by their leaders and rulers.

Donald Trump’s roughness towards parts of humanity and his political contestants is of concern. He has thrown some stigma onto Hillary, making her appear part of the establishment politics many Americans have been frustrated with. Yet Trump himself, reputed to be with finances in billions of dollars, can be said to be part of the financial establishment that many are unhappy with.

Yet sometimes Donald Trump has stood on some issues that are important for us to consider but has packaged them in harsh speech. Another person could, in other tones, have been listened to much more.

Now, some people have said “politics is a dirty game.” Although some persons believe that it is people’s behaviour that makes politics dirty, it is still observed that some campaigns for public office may lead to behaviour showing the discomfort of politics.

Now, in all areas of Life, there are some basic issues that come into play. As others may also have noted, in my observation, even when they appear to temporarily take the upper hand, many times those who practice negative and dirty end up not achieving in the long term.

If the world was easily controlled by negative action, the whole world would have ended long ago. For the actors for evil are also many but they have not managed to bring down the world.

Those that act in a manner destructive to the health of others and the world, and Life itself, tend to self destruct. One way this happens is when someone moving roughly but confidently overextends themselves. They overdo things and end up destroying themselves.Thugs destroy themselves and others, foe and friend.

It seems a principle of life is that evil action eventually overacts and overextends itself, thus self destructing. Even among evil acting allies, evil actions will eventually attack and fight their own allies, leading into destruction of self and others.

In the debates, Hillary Clinton has shown that it is possible for a person to overcome the onslaught of rough acting persons. Michelle Obama’s point about when rough opponents go low, you act dignified and rise above what is crude is a big lesson for all of us.Politics need not be dirty. Dirt should be cleaned from politics.


*                      *                  *

– GCB, October 2016, LUSAKA.


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