He Seeks to Be King, by Gabriel C Banda


He Seeks to Be King


Gabriel C Banda

He seeks to be King.

And in him we have counted at least seven signs of insanity. Many signs there have been. And many signs have been presented to us. This may be beyond insanity. He actually acts uncouth. He insults. He divides. He slanders. He tells untruths. With words he attacks and wounds. Fire comes from his mouth. Burning others. He tramples on others.

He showers disrespect on others. And much more he does. He goes on. The world is shaken.

Yes, courageous. But impolite, rough. Bullying clothed as independence. If not a thug, then a bully. And perhaps more.

And cheers and sighs greet his words. Joy and worry greet his actions. He seeks to be King. Mentally ill-prepared for the tasks of the throne. This card that has come into the game, will this be the next King?

Will this be the next ideal? Will he sit on the throne and rattle the world? Will he unbalance the world far, far, beyond his throne? But insanity affects some who are still human. Good persons can be insane. And insane persons can be good. Those with insanity should not be abused. Yet there is surely some difference between insanity and the emergence and rumblings of evil. But he seeks to be King.


G C B, Lusaka. Tuesday, August 02nd, 2016.                                                                 *




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