Gabriel Banda Peace Notes, 02: Poem, “No More Hurting People,” after Boston Bombing’s Martin Richard

No More Hurting People

A Poem


Gabriel C Banda


“No More Hurting People. Peace,”

Martin William Richard Speaks,

No more hurting people,

Words Alive, Words of Life,

From the Dawn of Life,

For Life to Live


No more hurting people,

Martin Richard speaks on

Beyond Marathon Bombs

No more hurting people


Eight year old speaks, words eternal

Words beyond Boston Spring, 2013

Words for Life, Words for Us,

For the living, Words for Living

No more hurting people

We will not Hate, we will not Hurt


Beyond the Spring Bomb,

No more hurting

Soothe the wound, Heal the wound

No one is stranger, No one an alien on earth

For as us, all are


No more hurting people,

Martin William Richard Slain,

Boston Martyr

Martyred at Copley Square


“No more hurting people”

These words shall win, win the Marathon of Life

No more hurting people,

Etched in us,

A pledge, Covenant with Life


No more wounds,

No more hurting people, no more hunting people

Not swords, not bombs

Not curses,

No more hurting people


This Commandment, tablet from Boston

No more hurting people, Covenant with Life

Raise the Tablet, No More Hurting People

No more being hurt


Raise the Martin Richard tablet high,

Day and Night,

No More Hurting People

No more hunting People


O Eternal Marathon, hand with torch alight and high,

Other hand carrying tablet shining,

No more hurting people

Soothe the wounds, Heal the wounds,

No more hurting people. Peace.

 (c) Gabriel C Banda, April 2013. Lusaka.


  • The Independent Newspaper and others have, in April 2013, published a picture of Martin Richard holding a chart with the hand writing “No More Hurting People. Peace.”

                                     *             *               *





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